Multifunction Knocker Toy Truck


High-quality wood, hand-polished, environmentally friendly water-based paint, zero pollution, zero formaldehyde

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Multi-function knocking nut car, let the baby know the color, exercise the wrist strength, cultivate the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability, can use the product’s own tools, freely disassemble the car and assemble, assemble and disassemble various parts, from childhood Cultivate your baby’s hands-on awareness.

In the process of color recognition and various simulation games, not only the flexibility of the baby’s finger muscles is trained, but also the practice of fine movements is enhanced to improve the baby’s cognitive ability and have a certain understanding of the principle of matching. Baby’s imagination.

Game method: teach the baby to use the raft in the correct way, beat it freely, the ball will fall from above, causing the baby’s interest, you can exercise the strength of the baby’s wrist, let the baby gradually recognize the color, when the hair is just tapping a color The ball, the ability of the child to buckle, the understanding of the color.



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